Dadi Ki Rasoi

Spices were used as medicines by our grandmothers but as we are becoming more and more

influenced by western knowledge we are losing touch to our roots and our traditional

knowledge is now getting lost forever in time.It is now believed that spicy food is bad and

causes a lot of health problems,while fact remains spices were used as medicines in ancient

india ,red chilli though is prohibited in Ayurveda.It is the adulteration that is harming us,

not the spices.

Some of the important medicinal spices are all


1 .Cinnamon : 
Cinnamon helps in thinning blood and strengthening heart muscles.

It promotes circulation, it also helps in expelling toxins from body.

It can be taken for helping colds, half teaspoon of cinnamon in one spoon of honey

4.Black pepper : It encourages secretion of digestive juices and saliva. increases motility '

of gut, helps in treating wind,it burns toxins in digestive system by stimulating digestive


​​5.Coriander : coriander seeds help to soothe excess kapha dosh or mucus in your system.

You can steep green coriander seeds in a little water and apply paste to your skin to relieve

rashes and urticaria.

If experience pitta problems such as rashes , nausea and irritability , you can make decoction

of half a teaspoon of cumin, one teaspoon of coriander and a little raw cane sugar to taste.

Boil in a little water for 15 minutes and then add to a cup of hot milk.take twice daily to soothe


It is also a good diuretic.

6.Turmeric : Turmeric is a little tuber that packs quite a force and has been used as a spice,

medicine and coloring agent since time began.It became prominent when modern science

discovered its antioxidant and anti tumor properties.

Turmeric can be used in myriad ways.It makes a very good anti inflammatory,a digestive and

cholesterol lowering agent. It has been proved to be a sugar lowering agent too.

It you have family history of cancer,one teaspoon twice a day of turmeric can help you.

Also one teaspoon of organic turmeric can be taken in a cup of warm milk before sleep.

7.Clove : chewing clove not only refreshes breath , it also cures hoarseness and helps relieve

stomatitis and skin diseases. Like cardamom clove has analgesic properties and is very

effective at numbing pain of toothache .clove is also a mild aphrodisiac.

It helps in morning sickness when taken with a spoonful of honey.It helps in milk production

and has added bonus of purifying it.

Clove is a liver stimulant and useful in hyperactivity, flatulence or abdominal colic.                         

8 .Nutmeg : one of the most fragrant of spices, nutmeg is best kept whole in the kitchen or

freshly grated to release its sweet overtones.I add it to mashed potatoes for delicious flavor.

For digestion,nutmeg removes bad tastes from your mouth ,stimulates your liver and

enhances appetite. Little nutmeg powder with ginger helps alleviate headaches brought by



8 Everyday Spices of Medicinal Importance