The particular combination of energies present when we enter this world at birth is known in Ayurveda as our innate constitution or prakruti. What we do with our constitution is up to us.It is sourcebook of our health,vitality and well can also be the springboard towards difficulties,if we ignore its needs.The five elements come together to create three basic constitutional types.they are vata,pitt and kapha.if air and ether are predominant in your constitution you are vata in nature.if fire and water is predominant you are pitta by nature and if earth and water  holds predominance you are kapha constitution.

Self assessment of your constitution

Thin ,and usually have been;can be unusually tall or short
Thin as a child
Light bones and or prominent joints
Have hard time gaining weight
Small,active,dark eyes
Dry skin,chaps easily
Dark complexion relative to rest of your family tan easily
Dark,rough,wiry or kinky hair
Prefer warm sunshine moisture
Variable appetite,can get easily hungry,but may find your “eyes are bigger than your stomach”
Bowel movement can be irregular,hard,dry or constipated.
Digest sometimes good sometimes not
Dislike routine
Creative thinker likely to stay physically active
Like to stay healthy active
You feel more mentally relaxed when exercising
Change your mind easily
Tend towards fear or anxiety under stress
Often dream but rarely remember the dream
Changeable mood and ideas
Light sleeper
Sexual interest variable, fantasy life active
Cold hand feet little perspiration
Variable thirst

Medium,well-proportioned frame
Medium build as a child
Medium bone structure
Can gain or lose weight relatively easily, if you put your mind to it
Penetrating light green, grey or amber eyes
Oily skin and hair
Fair skin, sunburn relatively easily compared to rest of the family
Fine, light, only hair,blond, red or early grey
Prefer cool ventilated places
Irritable if you miss a meal or can't eat when you are hungry, good appetite
Easy and regular bowel movement
Usually good digestion
Enjoy planning and like routine , especially if you create it
Good initiator and leader
Enjoy physical activities, especially competitive ones
Exercising keeps your emotions from going out of control
Have opinions and like to share them
Tend towards anger, frustration or irritability under stress
Relatively easy to remember your dreams , often dream in colours
Forceful about expressing your ideas and feelings
Like protein rich food like chicken fish beans
If I'll, fever, rash , inflammation likely
Usually sleep well
Ready sexual interests and drive
Flexible nails , but pretty strong
Good circulation pressure frequently
Strong full pulse , pressure frequently
Strong full pulse, hands warm
Usually thirsty

Tend to be ample in build
Plump or little chunky as a child
Gain weight easily, have hard time looking it
Large, attractive eyes with thick lashes
Thick skin , cool, well lubricated
Tan slowly but usually evenly,skin stays cool longer than others
Thick wavy hair, a little oily, dark or light.
Any climate is fine as long as not humid
Like to eat,fine appetite, but can skip meals without physical problems if you have to
Regular daily bowel movement
Digestion is fine,sometimes slow
Work well with routine
Good at keeping an organisation or project running smoothly
Love leisure activities most
Exercise keeps your weight down in a way diet alone won't
Change opinion ideas slowly
Tend to avoid difficult situations
Generally remember dreams only when they are especially intense insignificant
Steady,reliable, slow to change
Love fatty foods
If I'll fluid retention or mucus more likely
Sound, heavy sleeper
Steady sexual interest and drive
Strong thick nails
Moderate perspiration
Rarely thirsty
Are you still uncertain as to your constitution?temperature and humidity are keys here as Dr Robert Svoboda points in book prakruti, your ayurvedic constitution .vatas go for warm climate,pitta for cooler and kapha anything but humid.
Many people are born with dual doshas a pitt-kapha would incorporate attributes of both.
Now we can choose which is the best form of nutrition for us and what foods should we avoid.


(Vata,Pitta and Kapha )

Dadi Ki Rasoi